Journal History

NeuroRegulation represents an exciting new direction for the scientific and publishing arm of the International Society for Neurofeedback & Research (ISNR).  After a long run of 17 volumes, with the end of the Journal of Neurtherapy, an opportunity existed to totally re-evaluate the needs of the members of ISNR and of the scientific community at large. To this end a decision was made to move from a traditional hard copy format to an electronic journal.

This trend across all academic fields is now making the latest scientific advances in all fields available to everyone, not just those who are members of a society or have access to a tertiary education library. Electronic journals have also increased the speed at which knowledge is disseminated. In the past, the ‘latest research’ could actually be anything up to two years or more older before it was made available to the wider community. Electronic journals have seen this timeframe dramatically cut, which can only be good for any scientific endeavour. In relation to our field, this can only be seen as a good step. Clinicians are constantly looking for the latest knowledge and development in treatment options and an open access format will facilitate this. There are also many clinicians globally who do not have access to this information in hard copy. Now all they need is access to the internet to stay abreast of advances within the field.