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Vol 2, No 1 (2015) Table of Contents Details   PDF
Nancy L Wigton
Vol 3, No 1 (2016) Table of Contents Details   PDF
Jacqueline Luk Paredes
Vol 2, No 1 (2015) The Acute Electrocortical and Blood Pressure Effects of Chocolate Abstract   PDF
Michelle Montopoli, Larry C Stevens, Constance Smith, George Montopoli, Stephanie Passino, Somer Brown, Lena Camou, Katie Carson, Shannon Maaske, Kathleen Knights, William Gibson, Joyce Wu
Vol 1, No 1 (2014) The Coordinated Allocation of Resource (CAR) Electrophysiological Patterns of Recalling Names of Faces in Children, Adolescents and Adults and the Central Processing Unit (CPU) of the Brain Abstract   PDF
Kirtley E. Thornton, Dennis P. Carmody
Vol 4, No 1 (2017) The Crisis in Psychopharmacology Provides an Opportunity for NeuroRegulation Treatments to Gain Widespread Acceptance Abstract   PDF
Ed Pigott
Vol 5, No 4 (2018) The Effect of Passive-Infrared Hemoencephalography (pIR HEG) on Athlete’s Performance Abstract   PDF
Laura Barry, Gregory L. Nooney
Vol 3, No 3 (2016) The efficacy of neurofeedback among patients with major depressive disorder: preliminary study Abstract   PDF
San-Yu Wang, I-Mei Lin, Erik Peper, Yu-Ting Chen, Tze-Chun Tang, Yi-Chun Yeh, Yu-Che Tsai, Che-Cheng Chu
Vol 4, No 3-4 (2017) The fallacy of the placebo-controlled clinical trials: Are positive outcomes the result of ‘indirect’ treatment effects? Abstract   PDF
Erik Peper, Richard Harvey
Vol 2, No 4 (2015) The Impact of Coherence Neurofeedback on Reading Delays in Learning Disabled Children: A Randomized Controlled Study Abstract   PDF
Robert Coben, Emma Kate Wright, Scott L Decker, Tina Morgan
Vol 2, No 4 (2015) The Microbiome, Gut-Brain-Axis, and Implications for Brain Health Abstract   PDF
Sarah Prinsloo, Randall R Lyle
Vol 3, No 3 (2016) TMS-based neuromodulation of evoked and induced gamma oscillations and event-related potentials in children with autism Abstract   PDF
Estate M Sokhadze, Manuel F Casanova, Ayman S El-Baz, Heba Elsayed Farag, Xiaoli Li, Yao Wang
Vol 1, No 1 (2014) Toward Development of Sham Protocols for High-Definition Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation (HD-tDCS) Abstract   PDF
Jessica D. Richardson, Paul Fillmore, Abhishek Datta, Dennis Truong, Marom Bikson, Julius Fridriksson
Vol 2, No 1 (2015) Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation of Dorsolateral Prefrontal Cortex of Major Depression: Improving Visual Working Memory, Reducing Depressive Symptoms Abstract   PDF
Mohammad Ali Salehinejad, Reza Rostami, Elham Ghanavati
Vol 3, No 2 (2016) Treating Post Chemotherapy Symptoms with Neurofeedback Abstract   PDF
Robert Earl Longo, David Helfand
Vol 1, No 3-4 (2014) Treating Trauma Survivors with Neurofeedback: A Grounded Theory Study Abstract   PDF
Christine L. Currie, Theodore P. Remley, Jr., Laurie Craigen
Vol 5, No 4 (2018) Using Neurofeedback to Improve ADHD Symptoms in School-Aged Children Abstract   PDF
Connie J McReynolds, Lelah S. Villalpando, Cynthia E. Britt
Vol 2, No 3 (2015) Using Neurofeedback to Lower Anxiety Symptoms Using Individualized qEEG Protocols: A Pilot Study Abstract   PDF
Stephanie M Dreis, Angela M Gouger, Edward G Perez, G. Micheal Russo, Michael A Fitzsimmons, Mark S. Jones
Vol 4, No 3-4 (2017) Vol 4, No 3–4 (2017) Details   PDF
Jacqueline Luk Paredes
Vol 1, No 1 (2014) When Discussing Neurofeedback, Does Modality Matter? Abstract   PDF
Genomary Krigbaum, Nancy L. Wigton
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